Rappels d’étiquette de voyage pour le voyageur des temps modernes

There have been many stories around the world of rude guests defacing, damaging or breaking valuable works of art and monuments. These cases are not only disrespectful to the place, but they also harm the tourism provided by the work and degrade the value of the history and culture of the place as a whole. Many new tourists forget that they are guests and as such should respect the places they visit. Traveling with courtesy and etiquette is a sign of respect and a key element of enjoyable tourism.

modern tourism

Modern tourism has grown considerably, becoming easier with advances in technology. More flights are reaching more destinations, and with more airlines offering travel deals, tourism has become more affordable. This encourages people to travel more, and this growth has helped the global economy grow.

However, with the boom in tourist activity, there have also been instances of people failing to observe the necessary etiquette when traveling. Whether it’s loud phone calls on planes, disrupting museums, or tourists throwing or vandalizing public or private spaces, visitors often forget to be respectful of the places they visit.

Not only do these behaviors constitute a crime in different countries, but they also show a lack of respect towards the people living in the said places and towards the culture and heritage. Therefore, following proper travel etiquette is key to enjoying your trip in a respectful way. Tourists should be very careful to see and appreciate the place without leaving negative traces in the environment. Learning about the rules and customs in advance would help avoid awkward situations and also help broaden travelers’ perspective on the new culture.

Modern Tourism: What Could Go Wrong?

Unfortunately, with this increase in the number of travelers, there are more and more cases of people not respecting the necessary etiquette to travel. Examples range from passengers missing airline etiquette, to disruptive guests at museums, to tourists littering or vandalizing public or private spaces. Not only do these behaviors constitute a crime in different countries, but they also show a lack of respect towards the people living in the said places and towards the culture and heritage.

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1. Airlines: When traveling, always obey the airline’s security and boarding rules. Also, be careful of other passengers around you, by not using your phone too loudly or causing any inconvenience or disturbance.

2. Hotels: Treat hotel staff and other guests with respect; be friendly and always obey hotel policies. Remember to pay on time and tip the hotel staff if necessary.

3. Museums and Monuments: Prepare for a mix of emotions when visiting these sites; show respect for the place, the exhibits and the people who visit it.

4. Restaurants: Research and learn local country etiquette, such as dress codes, tipping, and common order of dishes.

5. Outdoor areas: Follow local rules and regulations and always observe proper waste disposal.

6. Acts of courtesy: recognize street vendors, learn a few words in the local language and respect local cultures and traditions.

7. Shopping: Ask merchants about exchange rates, taxes, and avoid buying items from decentralized vendors.

8. Communities:  Do not photograph people without permission and respect local customs and norms.

9. Respect de la nature : Traitez avec respect tous les éléments animés ou inanimés trouvés dans la nature, comme les animaux, les plantes et les roches.

10. Laissez des impressions positives : essayez toujours de laisser une impression positive dans les lieux que vous visitez, laissez toujours les lieux meilleurs qu’ils n’ont été trouvés.

Travel offers new experiences, perspectives and opportunities to better understand the world around us. But if traveling is considered a privilege, it is also a responsibility. Moments of respect, knowledge and courtesy are key elements for respectful and pleasant journeys. Traveling with an appropriate understanding of other cultures and etiquette is a sign of respect and should be kept in mind by all travelers.