Conseils de soins de la peau pour les vols long-courriers

Coming from a long-haul flight, we all want to look and feel our best. Dry, flaky, scaly skin is one of the first signs of a long-haul flight, despite the fact that it can be a thrilling adventure! Dryness, red eyes, and mental fatigue are all warning signs of a long-haul flight, so if you’re going on a flight, it’s important to plan ahead to keep your skin refreshed and refreshed. With strategic planning and the right skincare items, you can easily keep your skin safe and hydrated on the long flight.

Long and safe journeys

Long-haul flights are generally defined as any flight longer than 8 hours, including stopovers and transfers. Depending on the duration of the flight, passengers can expect to be stuck in their seat for an extended period with little or no movement. To keep you entertained and pass the time, be sure to bring a good book, magazines, or even download some new music or podcasts before your trip. Movies and other forms of entertainment provided on the in-flight entertainment system may also provide some distraction.

Long distance skin care

Because you’ll be in the same place for a few hours, it’s more important than ever to take care of your skin on a long-haul flight. To help you with your skincare routine, here are seven tips you can follow to avoid dry, uncomfortable skin after a long-haul flight:

1. Stay hydrated – Drinking plenty of water is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep your skin hydrated during a long flight. Try to maintain your water intake and avoid alcoholic beverages or caffeine, which can easily dehydrate the skin.

2. Go moisture-free – Whenever possible, avoid using products that contain alcohol or oil, as they can dry out your skin. Instead, choose products that are formulated to help improve the skin’s natural moisture balance and contain moisturizing ingredients.

3. Consider your surroundings – Humidity levels on a long haul flight can be quite low. To reduce the feeling of dry, tight skin, opt for a gentle facial scrub inside the cabin if your airline allows it.

4. Bring supplies – Pack moisturizer, face mist, lip balm, and sunscreen in your carry-on and apply them strategically throughout the flight.

5. Vents Open – Air from the vents continues to flow throughout the cabin, so keep them open to provide much-needed fresh air to the plane and your skin.

6. Dress comfortably – Wear light, breathable clothing to help regulate your body temperature.

7. Take a nap – Resting during the flight is the best way to keep your skin healthy and fresh.

Essentials in flight

Il y a des soins de la peau incontournables que vous devriez emporter avec vous sur un vol long-courrier pour aider votre peau à rester belle et à se sentir mieux. Cependant, n’oubliez pas de vérifier les réglementations en matière de bagages et de sécurité de votre compagnie aérienne avant d’emballer vos articles, car certaines compagnies aériennes peuvent avoir des restrictions sur la quantité de liquides que vous pouvez emporter à bord. Voici cinq soins de la peau incontournables à emporter sur un vol long-courrier :

1. Crème hydratante – Apportez une bonne crème hydratante pour maintenir l’équilibre hydrique de votre peau pendant le vol. Optez pour celui qui est non comédogène et hydratant.

2. Brume faciale – Pour rafraîchir et hydrater votre peau tout au long du vol, apportez une brume faciale apaisante telle que l’eau de rose.

3. Crème solaire – Les rayons UV peuvent encore pénétrer les hublots des avions, alors n’oubliez pas d’apporter une bonne crème solaire pour protéger votre peau.

4. Baume à lèvres – Appliquez un baume à lèvres hydratant pendant le vol pour garder les lèvres lisses et hydratées.

5. Crème pour les mains – Apportez une bonne crème pour les mains pour apaiser et soulager les mains sèches et craquelées causées par l’air sec de la cabine.

As you can see, it’s always possible to leave a long-haul flight feeling fresh and refreshed. With some strategic planning and the use of the right products, you too can achieve that glowing, refreshed look like jet-set celebrities. So be sure to follow the advice above before boarding your next long-haul flight so you can always look and feel your best no matter where your travels take you.